• Elephant Journal Interview | Bernadette Birney: It's about yoga (sort of)

    Elephant Journal Interview

     Here’s a snippet of the interview I gave with Elephant journal writer, Melissa Smith, last night:

    “The turbulent situation in Anusara threw us together. Before resigning, many of us worked closely to try to help John [Friend] make the right choices so the community could heal its wounds. After resigning, we reached out to one another for support. The healing naturally evolved into us wanting to reconnect to and help heal our community, and to include others in a vision of a post-Anusara future.”

    ~ Bernadette Birney

    You can read the rest of the interview  here.



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    1. Hi there,

      Can you please clarify if I am welcomed to be part of the Yoga Coalition if I studied with John Friend and went through the Immersions and teacher trainings but did not follow the Anusara licensing path? I love the principles of alignment and have trained with many certified Anusara Teachers, as well as, Douglas Brooks and Paul Mueller Ortega, but I have practiced yoga for so long it was best for me to just be….

      Thank you.

      • Thanks for connecting. There has not yet been any policy set–about anything!–but please know I will absolutely be advocating for it. xo

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