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    Friends Weigh In

    Below is a non comprehensive collection of posts from some of my friends.  These are the voices I would want to hear:

    Emma Magenta describes exactly how it felt.  I wish I had written this.

    A hard look into the reasons that Amy Ippoliti left Anusara, Inc.

    Friend, and teacher, Douglas Brooks shares his views on the breakdown of Anusara yoga’s current model of leadership.

    Oh, and my chat with Waylon Lewis over on elephant journal.

    If you’d like to add to the list, leave a link in the comment section below.

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    1. I just read the interview with Amy on Elephant Journal. Something she said was very disturbing to me. One of her suggestions was to not have a 10 percent on ventures like books and CDs but to raise the dues. REALLY??? So charge the little guy who can barely afford those fees and don’t take anything from the teachers making huge profits? Can we all say top 1 percent. And for anyone that says they are not making big bucks, they are. I made 800.00 last month teaching yoga.

      • Hi Leslie,
        Thanks for this comment. I have been to the Woodlands a handful of times and met the office staff at Anusara HQ.

        When you became a Anusara certified teacher (as you are) your dues were $99 for an entire year. For these dues, your name was placed on a directory on Anusara’s website. This website is maintained by the Anusara staff who also processed your certification. They did this for countless teachers every day. The staff also answers phone calls and emails on the behalf of Anusara teachers all over the globe, directing and referring students to their classes daily.

        In my opinion, $99 a year is an amazing deal for this amount of support. Paying more than $99 a year would still be worth it, since if Anusara referred even one student to you through the office, that $99 would be covered in less than 6 months of that student paying for regular classes with you over time. And if you taught workshops or Immersions – one referral would eclipse the $99 entirely.

        This was one of many ideas we presented to help Anusara bring in more revenue to support the staff and building of the new center.

    2. Hi Amy, I just saw this post last night. I googled myself ( well… unconn was losing in the NCAA tournament , so I got bored). You were the first Anusara workshop I ever went to. I had just lost my mother and you had just lost your grandmother. It was kismet. You taught me about Shri. You told me to set the sails of intention and let the winds of grace take you away. Words that I still can hear you saying.

      You will always mean so much to me because you lit the path. That being said I completely agree with you that the people in the office are worth every penny. That was not my point. The dues are a lot of money for a yoga instructor that is teaching full time and not making a lot of money. Not that they are not worth it.

      I have recently moved to Maine and work with a teacher that attended your retreat in Italy . She said you were the bomb!

      Would Love to have you in Waterville Me. Right outside Colby college

      With much love,Leslie

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