There’s something about you, right?
Nobody has ever accused you of being normal.

You’ll be damned if you’re going to live out your days jockeying papers or punching a clock. You have the inkling there’s something you’re supposed to be doing—something important.

You might consider being a professional poet if only the pay were better. You may or may not be able to carry a tune but you have music in your veins. You can’t always access it–sometimes you forget it entirely—but you’ve caught glimpses of something vast.

You feel deeply, for better or worse. You’re a bit quirky. You like green juice and coffee, literature and reality television. You feel better when you move your body. You may or may not have a tattoo.

Laughter is your religion. Kindness, too.

You’ve been around a couple of blocks. You have been in love, and in love with love. You have unflinchingly met yourself, or you want to—badly.

You are the love of your life. You may or may not know that.

This site is all about falling in love with yourself, and your own life. My special blend is two-parts yoga, one-part tantric philosophy, one-part life coaching, two scoops of humor, and a sprinkle of irreverence. It’s a perfect formula for un-sticking what’s been stuck, and elevating what’s already working.


Help yourself to a drink. Stay as long as you like. Have a look around.

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love bernadette

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